Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stary Stary Night

These were taken around midnight down in Cedar, if you look in the picture above you can see Jamie on the truck. Hi Jamie.

You can't really tell because I changed the settings on my camera so it would pick up the light, but it was really dark outside and you needed a flashlight to get around. That is the reason that Jamie is so out of focus if you zoom in because with the naked eye you weren't able to see her. In fact from where I took the picture of Jamie I could barely make out the trucks outline. These next two pictures were taken one right after the other so you can kind of see how dark it was.

The moon was out so I wasn't really able to get a good picture of the stars, but I got some good ones of the clouds.


Jamie said...

Fabulous pictures! You are an up and coming photographer!!

Jenna Marie said...

How cool is that!! :) What kind of camera do you have? and what setting is that? Awesome! :)

Daneene said...

Interesting. I didn't know that kind of thing was possible. Looks like you guys are having fun.