Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Office

I don't know about the you, but at our house the tv show "The Office" has become a must see. Much time has been devoted as of late to watching every episode (we now own season's 1-3 on DVD) and watching the deleted scenes. It has become a near obsession for Sam, although I must tell you he has found some cohorts including Erin (sister), Lina, Greg, and Jeremy (work buddies).

So, with that introduction I give you the pics from our own "Office" party, brought to you exclusively for the season opener!

The mug is courtesy of Erin. Thank you!

For the rest of you "Office" viewers please note: Dwight's fitness orb, Pam's whitest sneakers, Angela's Bible, Kevin's jar of M&M's, and of course a stapler in jell-o for Jim.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our First Blog

Hello family and friends! We would like to welcome you to our blog. Please visit often and we will try and keep the updates updated ;) We hope all is going well in your lives, let us know what is going on. We wish you the best! Visit again soon...